Prefabricated bathrooms from Altor

High-quality prefabricated bathrooms

How do you as a constructor build a high-quality bathroom?
We at Altor can provide you with the appropriate solution.
With our prefabricated bathroom pods, you are guaranteed exceptional quality with controlled delays, no or few construction work claims…

Efficient prefabrication and bespoke bathrooms

To manufacture good products, you need good resources. And to produce them at a reasonable cost you need an efficient production line. And that’s where our factory comes in. Our prefabricated bathroom pods are factory-made, and everything made in our factory gets built according to efficient planning in every part of the production chain. Instead of mixing different kinds of trades and professions on site, we have all that’s needed to get your bathroom to life.

Our high-quality bathrooms are possible thanks to high demands on material and adequate planning throughout the entire production line.

Moreover, offsite solutions are now understood as the unique option to avoid so many contacts on site, avoid so much dust and transportation costs due to our ready to use product. It also allows all the job to be done and controlled offsite, so claims on worksite are nearly non existing compared with traditional work (with so many companies and workers concerned).

There’s more to it – design the prefabricated bathroom as you like

We have a wide range of bathroom from student accommodation to senior houses, also for disabled people.
If your dimensions don’t match with one of our standard pods, we create all the tools necessary to offer you the bespoke requested pod.
Once the pods are produced, we transport them to your site. And once in place, you connect the bathroom to all things necessary; electricity, water, and sewer line.

These are the benefits of our prefabricated bathrooms:

  • High quality and cost-effective
  • Reliable outcome through factory production
  • One-stop-shop. We take care of every step of the production line
  • Design it as you like it
  • Easy to install
About Altor by PartGroup

We have been specializing in industrial bathroom pods since 1978. When merging with Part Group in 2019, we became Europe’s largest company in industrial bathroom pod solutions. With over 110 employees and above 350 000 bathroom installations all over Europe, we can assure you that we know our trade.


1.46 x 0.99 m

Corus 2

1.75 x 0.88 m


1.89 x 1.17 m

Novea UK

1.89 x x1.37 m


2.04 x 1.65 m


2.13 x 1.52 m

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