Prefabricated "all-in-one" bathroom pod

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Industrially manufactured bathroom units

ALTOR is a bathroom specialist for housing projects and in the particularly demanding shipping sector.

Designed to perfectly combine all the functions of a traditional bathroom with the technical installation requirements during the construction phase.

Prefabricated “all-in-one” bathroom units for hotels & towns, hospitals, nursing homes, student housing, social housing, private buildings, cruise ships etc.

Our bathrooms designs

ALTOR Industrie offers prefabricated bathroom models designed for a wide variety of sectors.

Tile effect

Faultless waterproof and resistance at higher levels than in a traditional bathroom.

An innovative technology developed matching traditional bathroom tiling. But so much easier to install! 

Installed in one day

For both new build and refurbishments, the industrial ensuite bathroom pod guarantees rapid and high-performance installation and connection. Thanks to the modular design, ALTOR bathroom pods are installed, connected and commissioned in less than 1 day by our own personnel - with "plug-and-play" mode.

Cleaning & maintenance

The innovative design and materials guarantee yhe highest levels of hygiene. Designed to simplify cleaning, the corners of the walls and the concealed joints don't require maintenance or refurbishment. Structural elements are made of polyester, and lastly, a hatch to access connections, drain traps and tap fittings.

Standards & regulations

The bathroom design evolves in line with changes in the applicable standards and regulations of each country. F2 Resin, hygienic and easy-cleaning gelcoat, non-slip floor, noise standards, electrical standards, accessibility and equipment for persons with reduced mobility.

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